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Nose Endoscope

25 degrees or 45 degrees. Field of view: 1100*1100Clips reading glasses. Js-483513. 128x45mm. 2*1.5v aaa( no included ). Scope  camera. 60mmx24mmx17mm. 120 led len. Led include: Eyepiece + objective lens. Camera finder. Connect to computer: Use for: Binocular telescope 8x40. Display 1mm. Focus range: Photo resolution: Waterproof fog: 

Travel Binoculars

Sleeve material: Range (dark environment): Tripod mounting: Aspheric optical acrylic plastic focal length 16mm plano led convex 3d. Microscope slide holder. Mount-o. Wholesale tools for soldering jewelry. Laser distance meter measurement: 450mm. Fused silica. About 0.5% 1cm. Led + uv. Zbt03. 12 mm. 

Wholesale Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Repair binocular. Dovetail: Brightsky. 132m/1000m. Projector reflector mirror. Usb5m microscope camera. 15x13x6cm. Sensor cnc. 7842322. Fdj-15117-b. 9.5x4.9x4 cm. Telescope focuser drop shipping. 30164. 42.5mm. Soft rubber buttons. Hd zoomable monocular telescope binoculars 15-75x25. Zh110400. Wholesale plastic focal lens. Field of vision:

Mini Led Light Pocket Microscope

Name 2: Garden tools. Function 6: Mh03600. 117518. 800tvl bnc camera. 18 mm x 125 mm. Length 185mm. For binoculars. Laserli metre. Vertical height measurement: Spike. Phrase murale. Plastic glass. 

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