DoreenBeads PVC Sequins Paillettes Christmas Snowflake Golden 19mm x 17mm( 6/8" x 5/8"), 3000 PCs

Wholesale 4.5mm, costume star

Wholesale Ale Prr

14mm of the width. Transparent gray. Songyuexia. 14mm sequins. Mixed 12 colors. With pearls shoes. Wholesale babys sneakers. Round deep cup. 500g glitter paillettes. Sneakers boy kids. Insole material:Waist: 

Blue Horse Eye

Metallic fringes. Snake chain. Band heat. Sequins round cup 4mm. Chain & link bracelets. 25mm snowflake. Children girlsSequin fabric. Wedding glass for champagne. Acrylic. 

Wholesale Sew Sequin

Transparent rose. Spangles bag. Wholesale bag carriage. Ld4745. 0.5mm. Branded baseball cap for men snapback hip hop cap. Chickens shoes. 3mm plum mix greenroseyellow. 17 colors optional. Deer christmas accessories. Use 1: Ab green. Seq2811012. Wholesale hat for wedding. Push up. Handmade,eco-friendly. Dark blue sweatshirts. 

Dress Large Sequins

Peugeto 206. Non-distortion,abrasion resistanceWholesale  jewelery. Nail diamonds. 12mm sequin. Ivory fascinators. Closure: Back closure. Snowman. Vintage dress. 

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