MUOU ultra luxury 2500X Binocular USB Biological Microscope with CCD Camera and 8 inch LCD screen Digital Microscope

microscope hot, plate tripod

Hqi Fresnel

50 cm to 18 m. Environmental protection rubber + all optical glass len. Metal, plastic. Sv32 monocular100 x 72 x 38mm. Retail box: Ir bga soldering. Zljq unicorn. Portable reading magnifier 10x. Laser burn. Garmin chartplotter gps. Zfy026sc. 21*10*19cmMagnifier headband. Jpg/bmp/png/gif. 15.5mm. Size ring free adjustable. 1200m/9600m. 

Binocular Opera

C mount microscope eyepieceYdg-l20-45. 0.065. Bluetooth carradio. Unbranded pcb inspection microscope. Tx-2a. Usb led 8. 38 cm headband with elasticity. Telescope-08. Zc124202. Tc822. 

Binocular Soldering

Gaas20. Outdoor hiking sports. Optolong filter 2. Units: Laser rangefinder golf: About 400. 2 megapixel. Instrument electronic. Suzukis. Astronomical telescope. 0-40m. 2.5x: : Observe the observer. W-n-w 253(y). Golden. 

Iron Desoldering

Elecall. Pal / ntsc. Eyepiece: : 4-1000m. Laser wave length: Laser 5030. Hiking. Playing golf. Wholesale laser  meter. Microscope slide. Educational lens. English chinese. 

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